How To Make Double Cream at Home?

Double Cream on KetoI’ve been practicing the ketogenic diet for over a year and work on several healthy diet plans.

In my quest for the perfect meal for this high-fat, low-carb diet plan, I find myself bumping into creams more frequently than I care to remember.

From clotted cream to Devon, Cornish clotted to double cream and many other varieties – cream is one of the popular keto-friendly food that you can find easily in shopping aisles and online stores.

A friend of mine from the UK recently introduced me to something I had not considered before: making my double cream at home.

I use double cream a lot, but it is often something I pick from a local grocery store or Amazon.

The new knowledge was fun, so I said to myself: why not share it with you folks?

What is double cream?

Also referred to as heavy cream in North America, double cream is a very thick dairy cream.

It has at least 48 percent milk fat content, making it the second thickest type of cream in terms of butterfat content (by percentage).

Make no mistake — North Americans tend to generalize various whipped creams as heavy cream but most of these often contain a maximum of 36 percent butterfat content and should not be mistaken with double cream.

Double cream is produced by separating butterfat from milk using centrifugal force.

The cream has a very rich flavor and thick consistency, making it ideal for use on savory food dishes, fruit salads and a wide variety of desserts especially fruit desserts.

My popular choice of double cream is the English Double Devon Cream.

I love the rich flavor that tastes like the best of butter, whipped cream and cream cheese put together.

For those who would rather skip the shipping cost (often a downside as the double cream typically ships in from the UK), you’ll find the next section of this article particularly interesting:

How to make double cream at home?

It takes the right tool to make double cream at home using butter and milk.

Butter is simply the solid, near-pure milk fat – the product of separating the liquid part of milk from the fat portion. So, reconstituting the cream should be as simple as just putting back the butter into the milk, right?

Not quite “simply”!

Trying to stir butter and milk together to form a cream will only result in the opposite: forming butter.

Butter floats on milk and shaking the combination only leads to clinging together of the fat. So you need a different mechanism; you need to use a cream maker.

Cream makers are old-fashioned and simple, not the kind of equipment you’ll walk up to the supermarket and pick from the household supplies section.

You can get one from eBay though, if you use the (Bakelite, Bel, Jubilee) “cream maker” search phrase (verbatim) on the platform’s advanced search.

All said and done, time to make your double cream at home.


  • 100 ml / 4 ounces of milk (or heavy cream, observing the ratios and increasing the amount of butter accordingly)
  • 5 ounces of butter (unsalted).


Put the ingredients in a fairly small pan and heat gently over about 80 degrees Celsius of heat.

Once the butter is melted, stir the combination and quickly pour it into the cream maker.

Using one hand, firmly hold the cream maker and with the remaining hand; pump the handle, up and down, with considerable amount of force, taking care not to spill it out.

Sometimes you may pump for a while but nothing comes out into the chamber underneath.

In that case you’d have to stop pumping, remove the lid from the equipment’s base, and slightly loosen the nozzle nut. Reassemble the maker and get back to work.

You should see your cream come out in small ounces with each thrust. You’ll have to be patient because it takes a while to get all your cream formed.

Making Double Cream at Home: Alternative Method

An alternative to the cream maker method – you could put the mixture (melted butterfat and milk or heavy cream) in a high-speed blender and let it blend for approximately one minute.

There should be some emulsification when the blending is complete. Allow it time to settle down, and voila, you got your double cream.

Why go the extra mile to get yourself a double cream?

The cream packs essential vitamins and a lot of fat that are extremely beneficial to your health.

These vitamins are a great boon to our body’s immunity, for instance by protecting our eyesight and bodies as a whole from infection.

As a potent dietary source of essential vitamins, the cream also helps maintain the good health of our skin and blood.

Macros in double cream

You’ll love the fact that 90 percent of calories from double cream comes from fat.

Typically, for every 100 milliliters of the cream, you’re getting about 50+ grams of fat and slightly over 31 grams of saturates, with only trace amounts of protein, carbohydrates and other sugars (about 1.6 grams each).

This distribution makes a diet of double cream such a keto friendly régime.

Why, you wonder?

The high-fat, low sugar content makes double cream an excellent Ketogenic choice. The trace amounts of carb are insignificant and won’t have any material impact on your blood sugar levels, leave alone spiking it.

You could scoop your double cream with a spoon right out of the can or bowl, put it straight into your mouth and feel really good – because it tastes great. But that’s the less conventional way of taking it.

If you want to be more of a conformist though, there are numerous recipes for the double cream that you may consider.

The first and my uncontested favorite hands down is the coffee recipe.

I love enriching my coffee with generous amounts of cream in the morning as a regular substitute to coconut or MCT oil.

This is a perfect one for any keto fanatic since it allows you to not only increase your fat intake but also get some fluid in the process.

Alternatively, you may take your double cream in your regular protein shakes. Just add a generous amount and whip, you’ll love the combo. Protein shakes could never taste any better.

Double cream also makes incredible scrambled eggs or hamburger.

Just mix a few teaspoonfuls into either and experience the abundant taste of goodness.

My other favorite is the creamy sauce that I add to my veggies.

Caveat: the new flavor can make you become a vegan.

If you prefer to go the protein way, consider adding the cream to shirataki noodles or use it on chicken for another rich taste of nothing but goodness.

Final Thoughts

Cream is your friend on the keto diet.

A heavy cream is a way to get all the fat you need without having to compromise on flavor.

And since double cream is one of the richest creams in consistency and flavor, it’s all worth it.

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  1. Hi!

    Great article! Should we be worrying about the sugar(lactose) in milk for this? Isn’t that the reason we don’t drink milk on a keto diet in the first place? Appreciate you writing this article! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your article. I’m making keto chocolate chip cookies and need double cream. Now that I know how to make it myself I’ll be incorporating double cream into my protein shakes and other recipes. Very helpful article. Much appreciated.

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