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Best Keto Urine Strips – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Many people embark on the ketogenic lifestyle to lose weight.

Others do it to gain mental clarity and energy that comes to minimizing the dependence of carbs for fuel.

Some do it because they want to readjust their body composition.

Others follow this diet to shed body fat really quickly for a special event.

For me, I started following a ketogenic diet for all the above-mentioned reasons.

I admit, it was daunting at first, but once I saw results really quickly, I knew I was hooked.

One thing that I always find a bit challenging, however, was knowing whether or not I was actually in ketosis, or how far into ketosis I was.

Without being tested, how can I be sure that a few extra croutons in my salad weren’t going to throw me out of ketosis?

That’s when I discovered ketone test strips.

What Are Ketone Test Strips?

These simple little strips of paper can provide information about ketone levels in the urine within seconds.

You might also hear people call it with different names like ketone pee strips, or ketosis pee sticks.

In fact, these keto urine strips are the cheapest and easiest tools to measure ketosis.

While there are also blood and breath ketone meters available, these paper sticks are all you really need to find out what your ketone levels are.

When carbohydrate intake is extremely low, the body starts to burn stored body fat for energy instead of the glucose provided by carbs.

When this happens, the body enters ketosis, a natural biological state where blood levels of ketones increase.

Ketones are by-products from the breakdown of fatty acids and can be detected in ketone test strips.

By measuring these ketone bodies, it’s possible to identify whether or not the state of ketosis has been entered.

That’s why ketone strips are so useful because they can measure the level of ketones in the body, which is very useful information for people who are looking to stay in ketosis to burn body fat for fuel, like me.

I know I didn’t want to spend more money than I had to, and I didn’t – thanks to the accuracy and accessibility of ketone test strips.

While testing with blood may produce more accurate results, it’s also a lot more expensive.

That’s why so many people who are on the ketogenic diet tend to choose urine ketone test strips instead.

To use them properly, all I need to do is hold the stick in my urine stream for a few seconds or dip them in collected urine.

After about 15 seconds, the strips will start to change color.

If I’m in ketosis, the color of the ketone strip would change accordingly. If I’m not in ketosis, the color would barely change at all.

They’re really that simple to use.

The color of ketone strips is generally measured in red, with pale pink representing low levels of ketones and deep purple representing high levels of ketones.

That said, the actual color spectrum will vary somewhat from one product to another.

How Do Ketone Test Strips Work?

Ketone test strips measure the acetoacetate in the urine, which is one of the two main ketone bodies in the urine.

This ketone reacts with a chemical in the strip to generate a color.

Users can then associate the color produced on the strip with the color on the chart that comes with ketone test strips.

Usually, the results are either negative, trace, moderate, or strong for ketones.

That said, stronger ketone levels aren’t necessarily better.

For the average dieter, light or moderate ketosis is just fine for achieving the results that the ketogenic diet promises.

Below, we list the best ketone strips that are most accurate and cost-effective to measure ketosis.

1. Perfect Ketone Testing Strips

Perfect Keto Urine StripThese keto-testing strips are physician-developed and offer an easy and quick way to check if the highly coveted state of ketosis has been reached.

There’s no need to guess if I’m ketosis thanks to these handy little strips.

Within seconds, I can have an accurate reading of my ketone levels to see if all that effort I’ve been putting into minimizing carbs and maximizing healthy fats has been worth it.

  • Easy to read
  • Helps to stay on track
  • Accurate, lab grade
  • Lots of strips in one package
  • Affordable
  • None

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2. Smackfat Ketone Strips

SmackFat Ketone Test StripsThe Smackfat brand was established by a guy who lost losing 85 pounds in 4 months.

I figured if he was able to shed his unwanted body fat by staying in ketosis, he must know what he’s doing.

So I decided to give these strips a try and found that they were very easy to use and provided accurate results to help keep me in ketosis.

They’re also 100% guaranteed by Amazon, so if I wasn’t satisfied with the product I knew I’d be able to return them in favor of another product.

All in all, the Smackfat (love the name!) ketone strips are very helpful and useful along the ketogenic journey.

  • FDA approved
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate
  • None

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3. JustFitter Ketone Test Strips

Justfitter Ketone Test StripThe JustFitter Keto Urine Strips come with a 200% guarantee and it lives by its word.

These urinalysis ketone tester strips are effective and simple to use. The product comes with very detailed instructions on how to use these strips effectively in order to get highly accurate read-outs.

  • 2-year shelf life (unopened box)
  • Very detailed instructions
  • Accurate
  • 25 free extra strips
  • None

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4. One Earth Ketone Strips

OneEarth Ketone Test StripsThese ketone test strips by One Health are some of the best and accurate keto urine strips you can find today.

They’re easy to use and not hard to get a reading from.

One thing I really like about this product is that it’s made in the USA. Not all companies tout that type of benefit.

Products made in the USA have to go through a more in-depth quality check compared to those made overseas. This gives me some peace of mind knowing that I’m getting a good quality product.

I also like the fact that the company donates a portion of the proceeds of sales to further ketogenic research.

It’s always nice to know that all the effort I’m putting into this ketogenic lifestyle is scientifically backed up by solid research, and One Earth is doing their part.

  • Made in the USA
  • Lab tested for complete accuracy
  • Quick results
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Easy to use
  • None

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5. Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips

Nurse Hatty Keto Test StripsThese strips are highly impressive, partly because of the type of ingredients used to improve these strips, but also because they’re longer than the average ketone test strips.

At 4.2 inches long, they make it easier to use without getting your fingers in the way.

But just as awesome as the formula and the extra length are all the goodies that come with this product.

You’ll not only get the actual strips themselves, but also a guide to ketosis, detox diet plan, reduced calorie diet plan, bloating reduction diet plan, and so much more!

I am really impressed with the value added to this product.


  • USA-made and FDB approved
  • Long strip length of 4.2 inches for easier use
  • Different diet plan and charts included
  • None

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Final Thoughts

While it’s not necessary to keep tabs on your ketone levels by testing, it’s certainly helpful to stay on track.

If you cheated a little, you might want to know whether you’ve been kicked out of ketosis.

You’ll also want to gauge how long it takes to get into ketosis after just starting out or after having taken a break from the no-carb, high-fat diet.

At the end of the day, these keto urine test strips can be really helpful.

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