Keto Concern has one mission: to be the most trusted resource in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle with the ketogenic diet.

We deeply believe in providing actionable and science-backed content related to the keto diet, supplements, and recipes that can guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We commit to provide authoritative research-backed information that are verified by several medical professionals we work with.

We are experts, keto diet practitioners and avid diet aficionados trying to understand how the ketogenic diet can be best utilized for well-being. We try to craft our content with genuine care and guide, inspire and support you with the best keto resources to generate the best possible outcomes.

Meet Our Team

Dyani Nitsu is the founder and author at Keto Concern. Dyani Nitsu, RD, LD

Dyani is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based out of San Francisco, California.

She earned her degree in Nutrition from Stony Brook University of Medicine and has been practicing clinical nutrition for 4 years now.

She also organizes nutrition and cooking classes in her community and is passionate about empowering people around her with well-informed diet choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Molly Smith is an author at Keto Concern.Molly Smith, BSc

Molly Smith is a nutrition researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in medicine.

She has spent the past two years practicing the ketogenic diet and studying research papers, blogs and books on nutrition.

She is a big fan of practicing diet that’s evidence-based and works towards helping people with the best information. She also runs yoga and fitness classes in New York.

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